5 trends that impact future Mobile application development

Each day Mobile app developers are trying out new techniques to make mobile experience better for the users. There are dozens of enhancement happening in the Mobile application development world. Mobile technologies are moving forward at a faster pace than that of the industry as a whole. More exciting and user friendly mobile apps are getting developed. Following are few important trends which will bring more mobile functionality and interactive mobile interfaces in the mobile computing world.

1. Location-based services:
Location-based services offer many opportunities for smartphone users. Main advantage is mobile users don’t have to manually specify ZIP codes or other location identifiers to use location-based services.
Location based services are also taking into consideration user’s gender, age, personal interest etc to give more personalized service. Such location based services are a key trends in mobile computing.

2. Mobile Social Networking:
More and more people are accessing their social network from smartphones, according to a recent study by NM Incite 37 percent of social media users in the United States access content from their mobile devices, with social networking apps ranking at No. 3 among the most used smartphone apps. Thus mobile social networking has become a key factor in recent mobile app developments

3. Mobile search:
Mobile search is increasing its share in overall search queries. People are accessing web through mobile devices than PCs. One big advantage the new generations of smartphones have over PCs in terms of search advertising. Mobile app developers need to use this mobile search phenomenon wisely in their apps, they should allow the user to take action based on the search result like, buying a ticket, fixing an appointment, placing an order etc.

4. Mobile commerce:
Mobile commerce or M-commerce as it is popularly known as, is on the rise these days almost about to surpass the e-commerce. With the latest technological boom happening with HTML5, more flexible and unique features can be added in a mobile app along with just checking in the store online and placing the order, now user can place the order simply by taking a photo of an item code or bar code in a physical store.

5. Object recognition:
Object recognition technology enables users to scan and instantly recognize objects such as packaged goods, soda cans, money, CDs, and landmarks like signs and store fronts. The current advanced versions of smarphones have increased sensor and processing capability to scan and recognize users surroundings ad object of interests. In the coming days users will rely on Object Recognition capabilities along with cameras and other communication tools.

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Challenges and Opportunities for Mobile App developers

As the world is turning mobile it certainly brings more challenges as well as opportunities to mobile app developers. Smartphones are nothing but a mix of computer and a mobile phone due to its operating system platform and the application development environment.

There are two approaches to Mobile application development, first is web-based development which is done using HTML 5, CSS3 JS etc. And the second one is Native platform development such as iOS, Android, Windows Mobile 8 etc. Advantage of Native platform development is the ability to reach millions of customers by uploading the Mobile app to AppStore. Apps developed in Native platforms have surpassed the web based development in terms of number of apps and the amount of time spent on them by users.

In recent technological boom, wireless network technologies are dominating every facet of lifestyle. Mobile application development companies are looking to satisfy the ever-growing needs of target audiences with positive user experiences. The major challenge that mobile application development presents to its developers is to create and implement services which are practically not feasible on desktop.

Mobile application needs to be easily accessible to the user. It is expected that a mobile application development company creates an application which runs properly on all devices and operating systems. It is crucial for mobile app developers to create apps which will also consume less battery power and will require minimum bandwidth.

Another crucial facet for mobile application developers is to offer same user experience on smaller as well as all varying screen sizes. UI designers and developers need to reinvent their skills to create a dynamic mobile app which will suit all available devices.

Smartphones brings in new questions to developers like how to secure the data that is uploaded and downloaded. Corporate users are increasingly accessing their official data from mobile devices which may be deployed on their internal servers so developers needs to do a cross platform or multiplatform development.

Developers needs to get optimum result in mobile development by utilizing latest technical knowledge and create mobile apps that meet and exceeds business objectives. Major areas for Mobile Application Development for which the developer needs to cater are Client server application, Multimedia 2D and 3D games, Faster and efficient applications with enriched user experience.

Mobile application development is the greatest step in the world of mobile computing and the mobile app developers cannot overlook the revolution that has come with it. They should strive to create applications that ensure maximum reach and scalability in the long run with enhanced user experiences.

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Mobile Application Development, the Latest Buzz in the IT world

As the uses of Smartphones increase each day, there is a growing need for Mobile application development to keep up the innovative trend. Smartphones have definitely made our lives simpler with the use of innumerable innovative and unique apps used for web browsing, email, Internet faxing, games, wireless information services etc. Being an emerging and lucrative field, Mobile application development has gained a lot of importance nowadays as more and more IT companies are plunging into Mobile app development considering the ever increasing demand. The various platforms available are iPhone app development, Android app development, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows mobile development.

It’s the invention of iPhone and its ability to support third party application, which is responsible for creating such a huge market of opportunities for mobile app development. With the latest upgradation to iPhone 4 and windows mobile 7, the capabilities of smartphones have reached to the next level. Now users can expect Mobile applications to perform more complex functions faster than ever before.

IT companies are working closely with their customers to identify areas which will give them an opportunity to develop exciting new mobile apps which can provide new capabilities and efficiencies to them. Some of the most popular mobile software solutions include mobile game development, mobile web development and mobile application development in Java and in.Net. In the mobile world, mobile gaming is hugely popular irrespective of the age of the mobile user. Majority of the downloads are observed in this category, Social networking being the next on the popularity list. The demand for various such apps is further expected to grow each year as more and more people are opting for smart phones as they get cheaper. Even the Business app downloads have risen tremendously generating more revenue for app stores.

This whole new trend has created many opportunities in outsourcing services like mobile app development, which has seen a major upswing in the last couple of years. There is a big rush in launching more innovative as well as robust mobile applications, thereby giving user a wide variety to choose from for his convenience. The market for Mobile app developers, as a consequence, has also become very hot.

Each of the 5 major platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile has its own programming language and development environment. For Mobile app developers and UI designers, specialization is the thumb rule if they want to sustain and become successful in this new trend. They have to keep on upgrading their skills in order to keep pace with the latest technological development. Even the websites are becoming mobile friendly, people are keen to have their websites compatible to smartphones to get exposure in a whole new arena.

To get the best mobile app developed for your business, find a mobile application development company which has skilled mobile computing resources who would cater to your demand more efficiently. Look for reliable companies like HireaMobileAppDeveloper.com to create exciting new apps which are also backed up with full service support.